Cha protest, Elysees Palace, Paris

Coordination Disability & Independence (Coordination Handicap et Autonomie) call on the French president

In a protest outside the Elysée Palace – 8th March 2010

  • As expressed in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • As recommended by the Council of Europe
  • As promoted by the EU
  • As built into the French law

We demand:


  • Equal treatment of people with disabilities in all local authorities
  •  Reform in the allocation of funding dedicated to disability in each local authority and change in the system which currently does not support people with disabilities but only covers the deficits generated by the Locals Councils.  
  • Availability and provision of support to people with disabilities which guarantees their independence, rights and choices. 

We recommend calling a roundtable with  the Secretary of the State responsible for Family Affairs and Solidarity and the National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy (CNSA) as a matter of urgency in order to review the allocation of the disability benefits, unfair distribution and availability of the services, the scandalous limitation of services for 1 hour a day (!) , the low rates of financial compensation for people with disabilities employing their personal assistants directly and the inadequacy of the collective agreement for people employing their assistants, which forces people with significant disabilities into not respecting the legislation on working hours.   


  • Provision of viable supports to people with disabilities enabling them to fully participate in the society, lead full and independent lives, be involved in all decision-making processes and consulted in the areas that directly affect their lives. We are not looking for more promises we want to see actions! 
  • Reinforcement of the rights-awareness programmes and trainings to enable people with disabilities to realise and exercise their full potential and their rights.   


  • Accessibility of public places, buildings and transport to be built into the construction regulations as obligatory. 
  • Introduction of reasonable personal income for people with disabilities. 
  • Improvements in the quality of assistance provided to people with disabilities by recognition of its importance and value. 
  • Clarification of responsibilities for medical assistance when delivered by personal assistants
  • Initiation of pilot programmes on emotional and sexual life of people with disabilities.