15th World Congress on the participation of people with disabilities: MEP urges Merkel to end blockade, Berlin, 15 June 2010

June 25, 2010

The 15th World Congress of and for people with intellectual disabilities and their families begins tomorrow in Berlin.

Elisabeth Schroedter, vice president of the Employment and Social Committee in the European Parliament says:  

“The Federal Government is again playing a masquerade to the international public. To the international guests of the World Congress who travelled to Berlin, she plays the miracle worker concerning inclusion. On the European stage she still blocks the most important directive, which in Europe and Germany enables people with disabilities to participate in society in accordance with the UN Convention.  

For me it is a farce, if now Mrs. Merkel talks in her speech about “inclusion of people with intellectual disability – a social duty” (1), although she has recently signalled to the Spanish Presidency that the 5th anti-discrimination directive would be too heavy a burden for Germany and is therefore fundamentally opposed to this important law for the inclusion of people with disabilities.

I therefore call on Mrs Merkel, either to end the masquerade and to admit that she refuses equal opportunities and social participation as a right for people with disabilities or to finally support the necessary legislation at a European level.   Mrs. Merkel, give yourself a jolt and the World Congress a gift tomorrow: Stop its blockade against the principal anti-discrimination policy for people with disabilities! ”  

(1)  Title of the video message by Angela Merkel at the opening of the 15th World Congress’ inclusion – rights a reality on 16 June 2010.  

Background: The UN convention on the rights and social participation of people with disabilities is the basis of the 15th World Congress of Inclusion International which opens tomorrow and takes place until 19th June in Berlin. The ratification of the UN Convention was adopted in December 2009 by all EU governments. The proposal for the 5th Anti-discrimination policy is in its essential parts equivalent to the legal implementation of this UN convention. Negotiations between the European Parliament and the Council on this dossier falter because of the fundamental blockade the German government.


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