We do it better when we do it together! by Martin Naughton

April 30, 2010

Martin Naughton

I’m delighted to be writing this short introduction to the west region newsletter! Having a west region newsletter has many benefits but I’m particularly delighted is it marks a milestone in the journey of restructuring ENIL as an organization.

This journey began in earnest when the board of ENIL made the decision to restructure in mid 2009.

The new regional structure should ensure that ENIL has the capacity to empower members and to enhance networking and leadership opportunities.  It also ensures that ENIL is operating in a manner that is true to its status as a grassroots membership organisation. 

The board of ENIL have started the change by showing flexibility and leadership. The challenge for us on a regional level is to work together to achieve change in a cohesive way. We do it better when we do it together!

The newsletter and blog are platforms for you to share with others what you are doing. If you’re doing something good, by sharing it you are giving others the confidence to do something as well.

Are you having a march this year? Are you holding a conference? Is there someone in your organisation who would translate articles from English into your national language? Do you know any disability activists who would share their stories with us?

By working together as a region, we can bring life to the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and turn policy into reality.

Before I go, I would just like to introduce some people who are very committed to making the west region work – Naoise Cunningham who is Development Officer with Carmichael CIL in Dublin (Irish National Centres), her colleague, Caitriona Kenny (see her interview), Debbie Jolly, based in Leicester in the UK, Jenny-Anne Lynch, Communications Officer with ENIL based in Dublin and Katharina Gintarra.

We owe a great deal to Katharina. Katharina is over with us on a student exchange for a three month period. During her time here she has been busy translating English reports to German; she has talked to the key activists in the eleven countries in the west region, finding out more about what’s happening and persuading them to engage more with ENIL. I’m not sure what we’re going to do when Katharina’s time with us is up at the end of May. You can read her article on ‘Person centred lifestyle planning.’

Look forward to seeing you all at the General Assembly in September. Remember, ENIL is your organisation!


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